What is BEMER therapy?

BEMER therapy, or Physical Vascular Therapy, utilizes a specific electromagnetic signal to stimulate the restricted vasomotion (natural movement of blood vessels) and thereby scientifically proven to enhance microcirculation. The BEMER sets include everything necessary for the treatment and are successfully used worldwide.

We are an official BEMER partner with lots of experience in helping people make a success of the BEMER. More detailed information about microcirculation and BEMER is available via our information package.

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Contact us for the information package about the microcirculation and BEMER.

You will learn, among other things:

  • What are the BEMER prices?
  • How does blood circulation work?
  • What are the consequences of reduced blood circulation?
  • How does BEMER help with blood circulation?
  • What are the health benefits of BEMER therapy?
  • Has scientific research been conducted on Physical Vascular Therapy / BEMER therapy?
  • Notification of a BEMER offer.
  • And much more!
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Contact us for the information package.

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Video: That is and can be BEMER – an 8-minute story about microcirculation

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Video: Improved Circulation

Circulation before and after BEMER therapy in 2 minutes.

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Test a BEMER for 8 weeks

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The best way to find out if this form of therapy is beneficial is to experience it for yourself.

  • You can test a BEMER for 8 weeks*. This is only available in Europe.
  • During the test period, we will guide you on how to best use the system and answer your questions. During this period, other family members, friends, and relatives can also test out the BEMER and benefit from it.

After the period, we will discuss the results, and you can then decide whether to purchase the BEMER.

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

*In some medical cases, BEMER therapy may not be suitable, or consultation with a doctor may be required first. If you have a condition, are taking medication, or are pregnant, please get in touch to determine if this applies to you.

Renting BEMER, Buying BEMER, Information about BEMER, BEMER Therapy Costs, BEMER Pro Set, BEMER Mat Price, BEMER Therapy in the Netherlands, BEMER Microcirculation, BEMER Evo

Buying a BEMER

If you want to buy a BEMER, you can do so through the online shop.*

Feel free to contact us for information and advice on which device best suits your situation. Even after purchase, you can come to me with your questions, and I will guide you on how to use the BEMER effectively.

You also have the option to test the BEMER for a period of 8 weeks. Please contact us for this.

If you have used the device but decide not to purchase it, you can return it. If you do decide to buy it, the test price (excluding administrative fees) will be deducted from the purchase price.

Click here for more information about BEMER.

* In some medical cases, BEMER therapy may not be suitable, or consultation with a doctor may be required first. If you have a condition, are taking medication, or are pregnant, please get in touch to determine if this applies to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about BEMER can be found via the link below.


A lot of research has been conducted on BEMER, and research is still ongoing.

BEMER Experiences


I had heard about the Bemer mat and its fantastic results before. I myself have been struggling with a lot of joint issues, stiffness, fatigue, pain after exercising, menopausal symptoms, and PTSD for years. I'm 50 years old and have always been very active, but suddenly I felt 'stuck' due to the recurring pain, a vicious cycle. Maurits explained everything to me very personally, and I could notice a difference after just 2 weeks of use. The morning stiffness was almost gone, and I just felt happier and more vital. I also used the mat after exercising and am so incredibly relieved that I no longer experience pain after exercising and am still building up my routine, without any setbacks. That hadn't been possible for me in recent years! The pain in my joints has greatly reduced, I sleep better, hardly use any supplements for anything and everything, though my lower back pain remains a sensitive spot. However, by using the mat daily, I feel that my body recovers more quickly each time. I had a ganglion on my foot for a long time, and it's completely gone! Should I go on? Of course, I hesitated about the purchase costs, but I'm so glad I went ahead. The health insurance was cut, and I think this is the best investment one can make in their health. Meanwhile, the whole family lies on the mat and we wouldn't want to be without it. I have a completely new sense of life since I started using the mat (started 3 months ago). Three other friends and acquaintances of mine are experiencing the same health benefits!


At first I was skeptical about it. Still bought it, broke 2 vertebrae in a sports fall with persistent pain in the vertebra and ribs, after good guidance from Maurits, of course, I used the band therapy twice and the pain was almost gone!!! And now no muscle pain after intensive training. Highly recommended.


We primarily chose to purchase a Bemer with a focus on the prevention of future health issues. The aging process is inevitable, and it's not so daunting if you can remain as free from complaints as possible. Furthermore, we believe it's our responsibility to think and act preventively regarding our own health within the current healthcare system. The cost of purchasing a Bemer is considerable, but we are convinced that it will save us a lot of money (and worries or complaints) in the long run. We do not expect it to be a 'miracle machine', but we have certainly experienced noticeable results for some complaints quite quickly. The intake and guidance are very good, which once again shows that this is about the correct use of a medical device, not just a goal for quick sales and high turnovers. After two months of guidance, we feel that we understand the operation of the Bemer and can use it optimally according to each person's individual needs. With my back issues, I experience a lot of benefits from the sleep program, which results in less pain and stiffness in the morning due to a better night's sleep. My wife particularly benefits from more energy since the first use of the Bemer. However, we do believe that achieving good/quick results with a Bemer is more challenging without also maintaining a healthy lifestyle regarding diet, exercise, etc. 


I have the impression that the Bemer has reduced my pain and fatigue symptoms. The guidance from the practice was good. I didn't necessarily have doubts beforehand; I wanted to test whether using the Bemer would alleviate my symptoms again. That seems to be the case.


I am very grateful for the BEMER and for the guidance provided by Louise and Maurits. The issue for which we needed help was a wound due to diabetes and peripheral arterial disease. The pain was reduced in the first week, and the wound completely healed in 8 weeks. It's miraculous. Many thanks!


We are very happy with the Bemer. I no longer have pain in my back, nor do I have pain in my feet since using the Bemer. My wife is pain-free from the rheumatic complaints in her thigh. A top product that has more than earned its value. The guidance provided by Maurits was just great and we found it very pleasant. The Bemer mattress has proven to be a solution for us and we hope that many more people will start using it. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Bemer to everyone; it has helped us a lot.


After two months of BEMER therapy, I'm beginning to feel a slow return of sensation in my feet and legs, which had been numb due to polyneuropathy. The hissing sound in my ears caused by tinnitus is noticeably softer, less sharp, and sometimes completely gone. The urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate have clearly diminished. The need to go to the bathroom four times a night has reduced to just once. The guidance is clear and pleasant. I would recommend BEMER therapy to everyone, but the price is quite high.


The guidance was very good. The process of starting to use the Bemer was built up gradually every week in consultation through video/phone calls. As I am undergoing chemotherapy, a gentle build-up was necessary because they were concerned that it might be too overwhelming otherwise. But it went very well. It now ensures that I recover better from the chemotherapy and regain my energy faster. Even the doctors are surprised at how well I'm responding to the chemo, though that's obviously not just due to the chemo. Whether you are ill or not, I recommend it to everyone. You really start to feel more energetic and stronger. I want to thank you warmly for the friendly and good guidance. I am very glad that I have the Bemer at home.


My experience has been absolutely fantastic! Maurits is easily accessible and with all questions I could go to him, is adequate and competent. I had ordered 2 Bemer's by mistake, what a hassle with returns, took 3 months before it was processed and solved by Bemer. But during the whole process Maurits also pulled in this to Bemer Group by calling and emailing, knowing that there is still someone standing next to you when things go wrong and offering a helping hand, takes away a lot of stress! So thank you so much Maurits for everything and that I can always come to you with questions.

I initially bought the Bemer for rehabilitation of my father after a brain hemorrhage (where he also had incipient neuropathy in legs) that has now gone away! While the neurologist prescribed a pill and amazed us that my father had to live with it because it would not get better. We ourselves had decided never to collect those pills from the pharmacy. Well miraculously: because of the Bemer he no longer suffers from this! His recovery has only improved positively because of this! He now also runs on the treadmill every day building up, as he had difficulty walking due to the symptoms.

We now use the Bemer daily with the whole family. I sleep well because of it! The Bemer has helped so many times with stress complaints and too much work, also pain from bumps or falls, stomach cramps, has also helped me recover after a car accident. Am only positive about it and is totally worth the investment! I can definitely recommend the Bemer.

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